Baboquivari Chiltipin Seeds

Baboquivari Chiltipin Seeds


These are wild heirloom peppers of the Sonoran Desert. They are more difficult to grow than regular peppers, but are super delicious. These are a staple of Sonoran Desert cuisine and food culture. Chiltipin seeds are very hard to germinate and grow. Many people believe that the seeds need to be eaten and pass through the intestinal tract of a bird for them to germinate. This isn’t true, but it makes sense that people would come to believe this since they have very low germination rates. You can expect a 60-70% germination rates from our seeds. Our seed stock is always fresh. These are photoperiod plants, which means they don’t begin to flower until the day’s become shorter. They do really well indoors under lights. Use a 12 on, and 12 off, light schedule for best flower production. We recommend a 20 in diameter planter for outdoor, in the ground with 18 in of space between plants, or flower in 7 gal pots indoors. They require light feeding until they are in full flower production.

The Baboquivari Chiltipin grows short and bushy. Does well in planters and in the ground. This particular variety produces small and spicy fruit. We were gifted these seeds by a Yaqui farmer in Marana, AZ in 2010.

We sell all a whole chiltipin pepper for $1, which is approximately 6-10 seeds. 3 to 4 whole peppers are the equivalent of a regular seed pack. We ship the chiltipin peppers whole, so you can taste the meat, and know what to expect.

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