Soothing Pain Salve

Soothing Pain Salve


Our Soothing Heating Pain Salve is made with responsibly wildcrafted Sonoran Desert herbs like Datura, chicalote (prickly poppy), and camphor weed (Mexican Arnica). We infuse these into organic olive oil and beeswax. We add organic Vitamin E oil, but no cayenne or essential oils. This is for folks that like our Heating Pain Salve, but would like it without the Cayenne pepper.

This is a cherished family recipe that has helped us get through some painful times. It is very rare to find herbalists, on the U.S. side of this Sonoran Desert, actively working with the Sacred Datura. Our family carries on this Sonoran Desert medicinal tradition. We have a relationship with this medicine. We respect this medicine.


Do not use if pregnant

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